The Conversation Jesus Wants Us to Have Podcast

The Conversation Jesus Wants Us To Have

In this podcast series, Regina V. Cates, author and founder of Romancing Your Soul, and her guests imagine Jesus sitting down with them in conversation to discuss social issues, politics, relationships, and Christianity. As part social commentary, part call to action, and complete labor of love for Jesus, these conversations challenge us to create the caring, peaceful, and respectful world he envisioned and for which he made the ultimate sacrifice.

Choose an episode:

Episode 1: Imagining a Conversation with Jesus

Episode 2: Why Jesus Would Want Us to Have This Conversation

Episode 3: Love Does Not Endure All Things

Episode 4: Jesus Would Remind Us: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Episode 5: A Woman’s Right to Choose

Episode 6: Love is a Verb

Episode 7: Small World Belief vs. Vast World God Created

Episode 8: Spoon-fed Religion Is Not Spiritually Nourishing

Episode 9: Expand Our Thinking About Who We Are and Our Reason for Being

Episode 10: The Role Empathy Plays in Creating Our Best Life

Episode 11: Suicide, a Survivor’s Story 

Episode 12: Abuse, Addiction, and a Bright-Light Moment

Episode 13: It’s Healthy to Talk About the Hard to Talk About

Episode 14: Why Do We Put Conditions on Loving One Another Unconditionally?

Episode 15: Loving Children and People for Who They Are is Loving God

Episode 16: Gratitude for the Earth as Home to Our Food

Episode 17: Loving One Another Through Grief, Death, and Covid-19

Episode 18: Our Heart Mandate Is to Be Our Kick-Ass Self

Episode 19: #MeToo, and You, and You

Episode 20: Why We Should Just Call God, God

Episode 21: What a Man Believes it Means to be a 21st Century Man

Episode 22: The Awesome Power of Being Responsible

Episode 23: Empower Men to Empower Women

Episode 24: Be Active in the Service of Positive Political Change

Episode 25: Isn’t Free Speech Actually Very Expensive?

Episode 26: It Takes Courage to Be Our Authentic Self

Episode 27: Racism Is Taught and Learned, but So Are Acceptance and Respect

Episode 28: A Black Man and White Woman Talk About Race

Episode 29: Being Globally Connected Presents Healthcare Challenges

Episode 30:  Stressed? Take Three Deep Breaths

Episode 31: Waking Up to Find Ourselves in the Story of Race

Episode 32: Psst! Hello, Women of the World — We’re Sisters!  

Episode 33: What Being a Great Leader Would Mean to Jesus

Episode 34: Yes I’m Gay! So Was Leonardo da Vinci by the way

Episode 35: Love Yourself First, to Love Others Well

Episode 36: Love is Not Blind, Love Has Excellent Vision

Episode 37: Why Are We Comfortable Being So Uncomfortable?