Episode Nine: Expand Our Thinking About Who We Are and Our Reason for Being

Episode 9 Show Notes:

The goal of all world religions is the pursuit of truly knowing who we are and our reason for being. We are physical beings capable of fantastic feats of strength and endurance. We are intellectual beings who create scientific, medical, and technological marvels. We are emotional beings with an extraordinary capacity for sensitivity. We experience ourselves and our surroundings through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. In addition to the physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities and the senses by which we perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside our body, a higher wisdom exists within us.

In this episode, I ask us to: 

  • Embrace the fact that we are spiritual beings on great human adventures;
  • Shift our view of who we are beyond what we see in the mirror, to put life and the interactions we have with other people, animals, and the natural world into a higher perspective;
  • Lead with our heart, the seat of the soul, to love ourselves and others by overcoming self-centered and judgmental ego.
  • Grow our spiritual nature so we create heaven on earth, for ourselves, others, and all of God’s creations.

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