Episode Eight: Spoon-fed Religion Is Not Spiritually Nourishing

Episode 8 Show Notes:

Guest: Reverend Tim Moody, D.Min.

The reason for being “Christian,” and the way to create our best life, is to be a reflection of Jesus’ love. Therefore, I believe we have the responsibility to examine whether our beliefs, which motivate our behavior, align with the loving, compassionate, and inclusive heart of Jesus, or whether we are following passed-down judgmental, fear-based, and controlling religious dogma that increases divisive and abusive social interactions.  

In this episode, Rev. Tim Moody returns to:

  • Discuss how our hesitancy to question what we are taught about the Bible and Christianity keeps us like children who never mature into our personal spiritual potential;
  • Examine how Jesus confronted those who were abusive, greedy, and power hungry;
  • Champion the importance of introspection to determine if our behavior, and that of our fellow human beings, aligns with walking in the footsteps of Jesus; and
  • Consider how Jesus did not fear the unknown, and why we must not, either.
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