Episode 4: Jesus Would Remind Us: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Episode 4 Show Notes:

I am not running for office. I am not telling you who to vote for. But I am calling attention to the fact that the driving focus of partisanship is not one of uniting our country around candidates who are genuine public servants. It is one of constant fundraising, campaigning, opposition party/candidate harassment, gerrymandering, and the quest for party advantage. Yet to stand united, isn’t it necessary to have shared common values, such as equality, respect, and truthfulness?

I this episode, I ask us to consider:

  • If Jesus would be disappointed that we have apathetically allowed our representative form of government to become a bitter contest between rival teams, when we’re all supposed to be actively on the same team of democracy;
  • Whether partisan politics lends itself to bettering our nation and the lives of our citizens;
  • That one-sidedness is devoid of the honesty and self-regulation necessary to overpower the egocentric motivation to rule and dominate; and,
  • Whether we grow, change, and advance our democracy in positive ways when we demand integrity, respect, and unity from ourselves and those we trust to represent us.
Your turn! Download this episode’s talking points guide for conversation starters with your friends and family.

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