Episode 37: Why Are We Comfortable Being So Uncomfortable?

Episode 37 Show Notes:

Love makes us feel good. Fear makes us uncomfortable. So to live in love we must overcome our fear. No matter if that is fear of failure, success, hell, death, unworthiness, standing out, immigrants, strangers, difference, LGBTQ2+ people, or being criticized, banished, ostracized, or even a fear of dying. We don’t have to be comfortable being so uncomfortable when we courageously face our fears head-on.

In this episode I share my experience of how I put an end to living in fear when I learned:

  • Fear tells us we may even die if we face it head-on, but we won’t die;
  • We must challenge ourselves to overcome fear in order to live in love;
  • We can live from our brave heart; and
  • God does help those who help themselves.
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