Episode Thirty-Three: What Being a Great Leader Would Mean to Jesus

Episode 33 Show Notes:

When we stop to think about it, we realize Jesus was a public servant. Even though he did not serve in government, Jesus is considered one of the most famous servant-leaders in history who devoted and gave his life to better people’s lives.  And Christ was a living example of integrity. He modeled unity, support, and honor. Jesus treasured justice, discernment, and forethought. He acted with humility, charity, and accountability. Operating from honesty made Christ a great leader and an enduring inspiration. 

In this episode, I ask us to consider:

  • Why a person of the highest integrity, like Jesus was, isn’t valued in today’s political climate;
  • Why so many who claim to love him have thrown out the importance of truthfulness, empathy, responsibility, unity, and cooperation in those we elect to positions of leadership;
  • Whether it would be important to Jesus that we are conscientiously active in our governmental process by deeply caring that leaders of integrity represent us; and
  • Whether Jesus might tell us to do our own fact-based research to ensure that they do.

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