Episode 3: Love Does Not Endure All Things

Episode 3 Show Notes:

To me, the idea that we are to turn the other cheek and not confront abuse from those in positions of power sounds a lot like the directive we get from religious authorities not to challenge the Bible or question what we’ve been taught to believe. Many religious authorities tell us if we do challenge or question, we are being blasphemous.

In this episode, I ask us to consider:

    • Jesus did not turn his cheek, ignore, or rationalize the mistreatment and abuse he witnessed;
    • Turning the other cheek, or a blind eye, to abuse is a misconception about love that is wrong and unhealthy;
    • If we allow ourselves to be abused, we are saying abuse is okay. It is not; and
    • Setting healthy boundaries in our homes and personal relationships helps us to embrace the importance of setting boundaries with abusive people in religious, political, and social authority.
Your turn! Download this episode’s talking points guide for conversation starters with your friends and family.

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