Episode Twenty-Nine: Being Globally Connected Presents Healthcare Challenges

Johanna Bruner, Nurse PractitionerEpisode 29 Show Notes:

Guest: Johanna Bruner, Nurse Practitioner

As a global society, we impact one another. For instance, a disease like Ebola that begins in Africa can easily spread around the globe if not mitigated.  Therefore, science, research, disease specialists, and vaccines are vital to help protect all of us from a wide variety of viral dangers that we can be exposed to in our highly connected society. 

My guest, Johanna Bruner, MSN-NP, and I discuss:

  • That our military requires up to 19 vaccinations, depending on where someone serves in the world;  
  • Why there is so much divisiveness about the Covid-19 vaccine;
  • How the novel Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus is different than the flu; 
  • Ways we can ease fear around vaccinations that for over a century have saved countless lives and much suffering; and
  • How to recognize misinformation and those who push fake cures. 

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