Episode Twenty-Eight: A Black Man and White Woman Talk About Race


Episode 28 Show Notes:

Guest: Leslie Crawford, Esquire

If we believe everyone and all life on earth were created with Divine purpose, then it seems the way we honor “God” would be to treat everyone and all life as we want to be treated.  One of the first steps to living the Golden Rule is to listen to the stories of people who are different than we are. To learn about their history, their struggles, and their daily reality with the goal of having compassion and respect for one another.

My guest, Leslie Crawford, Esquire, and I discuss:

  • That we are all members of the human race with different color skin and characteristics;
  • We do not have a race problem, we have a racism problem;
  • That the rules have been rigged against black and brown communities; and
  • Why Jesus, who had dark skin, would tell us that to love him we must treat everyone as we want to be treated. 

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