Episode Twenty-Seven: Racism Is Taught and Learned, but So Are Acceptance and Respect

Episode 27 Show Notes:

Growing up in the American South during the 1960s, I was surrounded by ethnic tension, inequity, and violence, perpetuated by people who claimed to love Jesus but persecuted others in the name of God. Even as a child, I questioned the hypocrisy of those who believed they were entitled, in the name of their God, to treat their fellow dark-skinned human beings or those who practiced other religious faiths as less than themselves.

In this episode: 

  • Four of my friends of color, Shanti, Crissy, Sharmila, and Miguel  join me to provide a glimpse into the world in which they grew up and how it remains much the same for them today;
  • I ask us to consider how a Jewish, dark-skinned Jesus would be treated in today’s world, where white people walk through life unconcerned about their skin color, while brown and black people still do not have this freedom;
  • I propose we do not have a race problem but a respect problem; and,
  • I suggest that to love Jesus and God, we must embrace all of our brothers and sisters who are part of the human family.

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