Episode Twenty-Five: Isn’t Free Speech Actually Very Expensive?

Episode 25 Show Notes:

We have the right to free speech but doesn’t that right come with personal responsibility for the consequences of what we say?  I believe so. For instance, I’m 65 years old. If I lie and tell you I am 54 that would mean I have an agenda, a reason for not wanting you to know the truth of my age. The same is true for all of us who are dishonest because while we can say what we want there are always consequences for abusing our right to free speech.  

In this episode, I ask us to consider:

    • It is important to seek facts to make informed decisions based on evidence — not opinion, emotion, or hearsay;
    • The freedom to speak comes with responsibility for the consequences of what we voice, text, print, or post to social media;   
    • Freedom of religion does not come with the right to oppress others or to vilify those who are different, including those perceived to be religious rivals; and

The freedom granted to the press comes with the obligation to serve the governed, not those who govern. It should function as a watchdog, investigating and reporting on wrongdoing, not disseminating lies, false allegations, and character assassinations.  

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