Episode Twenty-four: Be Active in the Service of Positive Political Change

Episode 24 Show Notes:

Guest: Social and Political Activist, David Albert

Jesus did not separate his political action from his spirituality by playing the “politics is non-spiritual” card. Christ was a huge political and social activist for the abused and oppressed. In the words of Reverends Emily Swan and Ken Wilson, authors of Solus Jesus, A Theology of Resistance, “They [political activism and spirituality] go together as easily as the humanity and the divinity of Jesus.” 

In this episode, social and political activist David Albert and I discuss:

  • How the health of our democracy is threatened by an unholy marriage of politics and compromised religious beliefs;
  • The importance of everyone who identifies as Christian, or just a fan of Jesus, to courageously move themselves out of atmospheres of irresponsibility, hate, and disinformation;
  • Why ego-motivated justifications for religious and political abuses of power are wake-up calls for all who desire to preserve a democracy that is for the people; and
  • How the power of being informed about candidates and their policies enables us to vote responsibly in every election, up and down the ticket.

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