Episode Twenty-three: Empower Men to Empower Women

Episode 23 Show Notes:

Guest: Tina Rubin, writer, editor, and empowered woman

To cultivate women and men who view themselves as equal children of God requires both men and women to acknowledge God’s plan for human beings was not misogyny and patriarchy. Which means as a society we have a duty to raise new generations of men and women who regard one another as equals, rather than continue the dysfunctional dynamic of males dominating, abusing, and attempting to control women. And, to create lasting gender equality, men and boys have the most important role. 

My guest, Tina Rubin, and I discuss: 

  • How, as young girls and women, we were programmed to fit into the box established by a society that viewed men and boys differently than women and girls;
  • The opportunity men and boys have to elevate women’s access to equal standing in the workplace, in religious institutions, in government, and society in general; 
  • The way strong, empathetic, and respectful fathers and male role models help empower strong women and girls; and
  • How the old paradigm of limiting females is changing as society undergoes a gradual process of recognizing inequity, so that both women and men grow stronger together.

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