Episode Twenty-Two: The Awesome Power of Being Responsible

Episode 22 Show Notes:

Have you ever thought that we can’t just ask what Jesus would do, we have to make ourselves do what he would? For example, have you ever been caught behaving badly then tried to pacify the guilt by targeting an innocent person? I have. It’s called scapegoating. Two thousand years ago it was done to Jesus, and over two millennia later we are still doing it to one another.

In this episode, I ask: 

  • Shouldn’t we consider any attempt to blame others for our behavior as wrong to Jesus’ heart?;
  • Wouldn’t Jesus think it irresponsible to ignore our heart, which tells us to be compassionate and responsible, in order to justify our egocentric actions?;
  • Isn’t pretending our words and actions don’t impact other people illogical to a caring Jesus?; and,
  • Wouldn’t Jesus tell us that mastering a self-centered, controlling, and arrogant ego is the most important assignment each of us can undertake, and challenge us to do it?

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