Episode Twenty-One: What a Man Believes it Means to be a 21st Century Man

Episode 21 Show Notes:

Guest: Christopher Pelch

To establish lasting gender equality we must redefine masculinity. We must move away from the ideas that dominance over women, controlling a woman’s reproduction, being tough physically, and being emotionally indifferent are manly. The Christian Church, all who identify as Christian, and those of us who are fans of how Christ asks us to live, have an opportunity to join forces and take the lead in changing our obsolete views of gender roles. 

 In this episode, Christopher Pelch – husband, father, fan of Jesus, and I discuss:

  • The importance of men and boys being willing to make adjustments to their personal mindsets and perceptions about women and girls;
  • The idea that what we learn from the entertainment industry and society about gender dynamics is not how life plays out, if we desire to create healthy, equality-focused relationships;
  • The difference between wanting to BE right and trying to GET it right;” and
  • That although men and women are different, as emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual beings we have many similar needs.  

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