Episode Twenty: Why We Should Just Call God, God

Episode 20 Show Notes:

Guest: Reverend Britt Skarda

We have been told what God is, but the truth is, we do not know. God is too expansive to be boxed into any form because if we simply take a drinking straw and look up into the night sky through it, we would see about 10,000 stars within the tiny circumference. Multiply the objects in that small space by the entire night sky and the number of stars, planets, and universes is beyond comprehension. So how can we know what God is?

My guest, Reverend Britt Skarda, and I discuss the following: 

  • Ancient and deeply rooted attitudes of God being male helped create and continue to perpetuate damaging male/female dynamics;
  • Centuries after Jesus’ death, these dangerous and misguided dynamics are profoundly ingrained within both genders;
  • Why many people who say they love and follow an inclusive Jesus believe patriarchal dominance through female subjugation is among God’s family values; and,
  • How the world will be different when we stop assigning a male gender to God by simply referring to God, as God. 

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