Episode Nineteen: #MeToo, and You, and You

Episode 19 Show Notes:

Ladies, how old were you when you began to notice that within society, your church, school, or home, you were considered less than your male counterparts? Gentlemen, how old were you when you began to understand you were considered more important than women and girls? It is time we face the dangerously dysfunctional male/female dynamic that is the sad, but true, legacy we are leaving our children. 

            In this episode I ask us to consider:

  • Over two thousand years ago, when Jesus lived, women had no power within their homes, religion, or society;
  • Twenty plus centuries later, God’s message of gender equality, inherent within “treat everyone as we want to be treated,” continues to face resistance from those in religious and political power who desire to remain in control over women and girls;
  • The rampant abuse of power over and psychological mistreatment of one half of the world’s population is a huge spiritual wake-up call; and
  • To heal this dysfunctional dynamic, we must acknowledge the part Christianity has played, and continues to play, in failing to confront widespread misogyny and gender inequality within the church and society.  

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