Episode Eighteen: Our Heart Mandate Is to Be Our Kick-Ass Self

Episode 18 Show Notes:

Guest: Reverend Kirby Ingram on Connection, Consciousness, and God

The concept of spiritual consciousness, or knowing ourselves as spiritual beings on great human adventures, has been around for centuries. Expressing as our divine self in everyday life is the fundamental goal of all world religions. We know we are living as our conscious/awake self each time we live the Golden Rule and treat others and all life as we want to be treated.

My guest, Reverend Kirby Ingram, and I discuss the following: 

  • Awakening to a profound sense of being connected to God, one another, and all that is alive, begins by releasing limiting beliefs and self-centered aspects of the ego that keep us from creating a life of joy and fulfillment;
  • There is no one-size-fits-all path to self-awareness and self-actualization;
  • There does not need to be a go-between in our relationship with God; and,
  • The universal goal of being conscious or enlightened is to live, more often than not, in the fulfillment that comes from building habits that create a life of joy.

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