Episode Sixteen: Gratitude for the Earth as Home to Our Food

Episode 16 Show Notes:

Guest: Dawn Wilson, Television Producer and Activist 

There is a saying, “We are what we eat.” I find this to be true because when I eat healthily I seem to stay healthy. And it is important for us to acknowledge that not all food we eat is healthy. There are serious risks to our health from any quest to put profit ahead of people and the planet. Therefore I believe Jesus would say it is a spiritual responsibility to care about the food we eat and how it is farmed and manufactured. 

In this episode, my guest Dawn Wilson and I discuss:

  • The importance of being aware of the dangers of herbicides that are used on the foods we eat, on the playgrounds of our children’s schools, in public parks, dog parks, and on our lawns;  
  • The links between herbicides and an increase in autism and other physical conditions, such as depression and cancer;
  • The ways we, as citizens, can make positive changes within our homes and communities to greatly reduce or eliminate dangerous herbicides; and
  • The importance of eating organic and taking supplements to help our digestive system remove as many toxins as possible from our bodies.

 For more information, check out these websites and this blog post: https://www.mygenefood.com/blog/why-glyphosate-is-dangerous-and-how-to-avoid-eating-it/. www.glyphosateresiduefree.com & www.detoxproject.org

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