Episode Fifteen: Loving Children and People for Who They Are is Loving God

Episode 15 Show Notes:

Guests: Edie and Bill Aitchison, Parents of Two Sons

For much of my life, my parents, organized religion, and society in general had a specific idea of who I had to be in order to be worthy of love. When I did not fit into the box of their expectations, I suffered persecution, rejection, and abuse. It took being exposed to heart-centered people for me to appreciate that many people in the world love and accept others for who they are, because they have been taught to do so.

In this episode, Edie and Bill, parents of two sons, join me to discuss:

  • The idea that to love one another, it is important to let go of the expectations we have for how others should be;
  • The most important aspect of who we are and who our children are, which is our character. In other words, how we live the Golden Rule in daily life;    
  • The responsibility parents have to teach children to be empathetic and accepting of themselves and of others; and
  • The need for parents to be the example of responsible behavior and attitudes that will help form the way their children treat themselves, other people, and all life.  

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