Episode Fourteen: Why Do We Put Conditions on Loving One Another Unconditionally?

Episode 14 Show Notes:

Guests: Revs. Roger Paynter, D.Min. and Tim Moody, D.Min.

Many people today have very little use for religion because Christianity and the Church seem irrelevant, rule-oriented, exclusive, male-dominated, and closed-minded. We witness, in our divisive society and politics, how destructive Christianity can

 be in the hands of religious renegades, people who use Jesus Christ to justify their barbaric beliefs and conduct. But, hurtful dogma is the opposite of the accepting, love-oriented, and kind experience people want because treating other people as we want to be treated is what Jesus taught.

In this episode, Revs. Paynter and Moody join me to discuss:

  • What Christ, overall, would think of Christianity;
  • Why Christianity must be focused on love; 
  • Why Christians must lead the way to help the marginalized, the forgotten, the abused of society; and
  • Why Christianity and Christians must be universally focused on how to love ourselves, others, and all life, as Christ loved.

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