Episode Thirteen: It’s Healthy to Talk About the Hard to Talk About

Episode 13 Show Notes:

Guest: Psychologist Gail Simon-Boyd, Ph.D.

On my journey of healing a painful and abusive past, I sought the help of a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and two different counselors. Each of these people contributed something positive to my taking my power back from bullying and mistreatment. I am grateful for their expertise and guidance. While I am the one who took the actions necessary to release the pain, blame, and resentment, the guidance they provided was invaluable. 

In this episode Psychologist, Gail Simon-Boyd, Ph.D. joins me to discuss:

  • Why one of the strongest things we can do for ourselves is to ask for help healing emotional trauma;
  • How sharing with someone, whether a professional, friend, or spiritual guide, is a positive way to release wounding;
  • The importance of realizing that healing is a journey of self-love and respect; and

Why healing involves learning to master a mind with a mind of its own, which often keeps us stuck in patterns of negative, self-sabotaging thinking.

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