Episode Twelve: Abuse, Addiction, and a Bright-Light Moment

Episode 12 Show Notes:

Guest: Janice, Fourteen Years Clean and Sober

We live in families, attend churches, and navigate within societies where bullying, judgment, rejection, and abuse are rampant. Often we attempt to escape the reality of our experience by abusing others or turning to drugs and alcohol to abuse ourselves. The pain we experience is real. And we can get to the other side of addiction and feelings of unworthiness. 

In this episode Janice, who overcame abuse and addiction, joins me to discuss:

  • How childhood abuse shapes our feelings of unworthiness;
  • The importance of being honest with ourselves about our behavior;
  • The role faith has in taking our power back from abuse and addiction;
  • How, by being the observer of our thoughts, we can stop being mean to ourselves and others; and
  • Why, by healing ourselves, we help heal the world.

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