Episode Eleven: Suicide, a Survivor’s Story

Episode 11 Show Notes:

Guest: Catherine Wilson, Her Brother Committed Suicide

Have you ever considered suicide? I have, several times, but religion and society indoctrinated me to believe that suicide is a sin and taking one’s own life is a self-centered, cowardly way out. Only after seriously considering suicide and having a friend take her own life did I come to realize Jesus would have a compassionate view of people who end their lives.  

My guest Catherine, whose bother Owen committed suicide, joins me to discuss the following:

  • While there are many reasons someone chooses to attempt or commit suicide, including fluctuation in hormones, we need to admit that a huge factor in the suicide epidemic is the shame, helplessness, loneliness, and unworthiness felt as a result of abuse; 
  • People on the receiving end of abuse cannot be expected to just endure whatever mistreatment is handed out;
  • Someone suffering to the point of attempting or committing suicide is a reflection of the physical or mental environment in which they live; and,
  • We must recognize and assume responsibility for healing our wounded family dynamics so the “sins of the father and mother” are not “visited on the children.” 

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