Episode Ten: The Role Empathy Plays in Creating Our Best Life

Episode 10 Show Notes:

Guest: Steve Hasenberg, Spiritual Psychotherapist

Have you ever thought about the fact that Hallmark offers a wide variety of sympathy cards but does not offer empathy cards? Sympathy is easy to express because it is a concern for others that is more from the head, while empathy is a heart-connection to what other people go through. When we are empathetic, we put ourselves emotionally in another’s shoes.

In this episode, spiritual psychotherapist Steve Hasenberg, and I discuss:

  • The importance of empathy in creating a life of love, compassion, and purpose;
  • Jesus’ almost psychic ability to understand other people and their feelings;
  • The fact that while even animals are born with a certain capacity for empathy, our ability to be empathetic must be nurtured; and

Why vulnerability is the doorway to finding compassion for ourselves and having empathy for others.

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Steve Hasenberg

Steve Hasenberg

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