RYS 097: Time to Get Mad as Hell

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Remember the movie Network? If not, check out Howard Beale’s famous speech on YouTube, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Because mad as hell is how I want you to feel too. I want you to get so angry you are fired up in a positive, peaceful, and purposeful way to help do something about the mess that has been created in Washington and in our election process.

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RYS 093: Finding Sameness in Our Difference

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As human beings who’ve been to the moon, cured diseases, shot a telescope into outer space, we are perfectly capable of collectively moving ourselves forward on the emotional evolutionary scale by honestly admitting we do not have a race, homophobia, or gender relations problem. We own up to the fact we have a respect problem.

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RYS 083: Choose to Spread Love

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I am passionate about bringing peace to the planet. I am passionate about helping you establish the loving and patient relationships you want with the people you love. So I am going to be honest and tell you – it is not possible to create consistently loving and peaceful relationships with the people closest to you if you do not focus on being peaceful and loving toward all people.

• Love is a way of walking through life, a way of BE-ing in the world.
• To give the positive behaviors of love to the people we have affection and caring for we must BE these in our everyday life.
• We cannot be one way with our close friends and family and completely the opposite with strangers.


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