Voting is an Honor and a Responsibility

american-flagAs citizens and human beings, one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help create a country we are proud to leave our children, their children and their children. That is why, I am disappointed many of my fellow citizens seem to have fallen victim to apathy and cynicism as evidenced by the growing prevalence of, “I am not political,” “My vote does not matter,” “Politicians are thieves and liars,” “Nothing will ever change,” and “I have no real power to effect positive difference.”

Though I certainly do not have all the answers to fix what seems broken about our government, I do know beyond doubt we, her citizens, are not powerless. We are millions strong, who with swift and decisive action can direct the course of our nation. A task we must now undertake with sincere and unified determination.

Therefore, you and I as citizens have the responsibility to be political. To do everything within our power to make certain we do not elect bullies, liars, thieves, and casters of blame. We must reject those who shun personal responsibility, ego-box for sport, and avoid coming to the table with feasible solutions to the issues we face. We must refuse to side with anyone who is comfortable with Washington’s misuse of power, dissention, and its reward of rulers.

Albert Einstein said, “The high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.”

By moving away from electing politicians who belong to one or two parties to choosing servant-leaders who work for “We the People,” we will increase the pool of qualified candidates, those who have the intelligence and heart to design a new system in which compromise and efficiency bring about lasting positive change. A diverse and dedicated collection of multi-experienced people of integrity is our best hope to end business as usual in Washington.

I don’t think for one moment this servant-leader approach is naïve, impossible, and will never happen. We most admire men and women who strive to make the world a better place by adhering to the values of principled character. And, we love a good challenge.

Sure, we can continue the chaos and dysfunction by stroking the hubris of those who want to rule. However, the undeniable truth is, in order to be an outstanding nation we must value being a nation governed by outstanding people; those who truly desire to serve by voluntarily using heart to keep their egotism in check.  We must vote them into office.