One-On-One with Regina

“My name is Rebecca Ross and I grew up mentally, physically, and sexually abused. I’ve suffered great loss in life – my mother, a son, and a marriage. I survived a nervous breakdown and the suicide of my twin brother. As you can imagine I have had my share of time in therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling. I truly desired change and healing so I worked hard to find “tools” from each of the therapies I sought. After years of therapy, I felt I was in the same spot as when I started.”

Rebecca Ross
Rebecca Ross

Then I found Romancing Your Soul on Facebook and contacted Regina. Her one-on-one coaching is straight forward and often unpleasantly to the point. But, unlike my previous therapy experiences, Regina’s coaching sessions causes real, lasting, positive change.

Her thoughtful, sincere, and transparent approach to healing our heart is really quite simple. She is a master of helping us learn to master our mind, stay present in the moment, and stop ego-boxing with others. I am grateful to Regina. I honestly don’t know if I’d be alive today if it wasn’t for her coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Regina’s one-on-one coaching. It saved my life!

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