Lead with Your Heart Podcast

Lead With Your Heart Podcast

In my “Lead with Your Heart” podcast, based on my first book, I share what I learned with the goal of helping you create a joyful life. As a champion of the heart, I offer common-sense tips that will make your relationships better, your communication clearer, and your boundaries healthier.

Episode 137: Love Listens to Understand

Episode 137 Show Notes:

Have you ever seen a UFO? Or been visited by little gray, not green, aliens?  I have. Which taught me there are millions of us with millions of different experiences. We cannot all have the same experiences. That’s why it’s so important we listen to one another to understand rather than simply dismiss each other because we have not personally experienced the same.

  • You can imagine how surreal and strange it must be to grow up with a secret you are not able to share with anyone for fear of being labeled crazy.
  • Finding others who share the same experience is comforting because you can’t be crazy when someone, anyone, steps up and says, “Hey, that also happened to me.”
  • Each experience you and I have in life is a unique opportunity to grow our sympathy, empathy, and compassion for others.

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