LOVE = Listening Openly Via Empathy

Two of my neighbors have a long history of fighting with one another. Although they never get violent or even threaten each other physically, it still becomes uncomfortable for everyone in our small building when they start going at each other. Last night it happened again with door slamming and screaming. This morning one of them showed up at my door to vent. So I sat and listened.

In circumstances like this, when we are involuntarily pulled into someone’s difficulties, we can offer support without verbally supporting a particular side by simply listening without comment. The simple act of allowing someone to be heard without judgment often allows them to move on without our having to become involved, or to gossip, or to try to fix something that does not need our trying to fix it.

Please accept that you are making a huge difference in the lives of others simply by listening to them to understand. Just by letting someone know they matter you are being a positive influence.  By caring you are being an ambassador of love. And love is the most powerful force there is.