Face Your Fear Head-On

There was a time in life when I lived in fear. I was scared of dying, of getting cancer, of success, of failure. I was afraid of going to hell, of not being liked, of being alone.

Today, I can honestly say I no longer live in fear. That’s not to say I do not become afraid at times. At 3:00 a.m. when an earthquake jolts me awake, yes, absolutely, my heart races and my palms sweat as my fight-or-flight response kicks in. But I have learned that living in fear based on the negativity I am exposed to, or the trepidations of my creative and anxious mind, is no way to live.

Our mind thinks it is the wise one and will adamantly defend what it believes to be true and best. But within our mind’s efforts of self-preservation also lies that distressing emotion of fear that distances us from our positive emotions and other people, and it prevents us from striving to live our best life.

Our mind is not the faithful part of us, no matter how loudly and persistently it tells us it is. Through a lifetime of experience, I learned it is our responsible, caring, and loving heart that is the higher, wiser, faith-filled part. We discover this by bravely doing the very things our mind tells us to be fearful of. By courageously facing each of our fears, we start walking in faith, both in a power greater than ourselves, and also in our ability to deal positively with life, regardless of what may come along.

What do you fear?  What will you gain when you bravely face your fear head-on?