Do YOU Care?

Some people think we should pray for God to take care of what is wrong with society and our world. Prayer is excellent, as long as we realize God is waiting for us to fix what is wrong; to fix what we created.

You and I may not have personally created everything negative in society. But as part of our human family, we collectively allow global negatives, such as corruption, greed, environmental destruction, denial of history, misogyny, injustice, discrimination, political tyranny, abuses of power, dishonesty, and inequity, to exist.

Regardless what negatives we are challenged to face, first we have to admit there is no superhero coming to our rescue. God gave each of us the strength and willpower to change our lives, relationships, and world for the better. So God is waiting for each of us to step up and take the positive actions necessary every day to be the inclusive, peaceful, and loving change we want to see.

This raises two critical questions:

How can we rationalize waiting for a savior to save us when we need to be our own saviors, by addressing our challenges head-on?

And unless we are dedicated to being people of integrity and empathy, how can we possibly work to right our wrongs?

It is really very simple.

GOOD = honest, kind, responsible, inclusive, humble, forgiving, peaceful, respectful, nonviolent, ethical, fact-based, and thoughtful. To name a few.

EVIL = dishonest, cruel, irresponsible, divisive, arrogant, blaming, disrespectful, violent, corrupt, miss-information, and thoughtless. To name a few.

There is no ambiguity between good and evil. On which side we stand is clearly evident through the words we speak, the beliefs and attitudes we hold, and the behaviors we display.  Yet, there seems to be a perception among some people that because we consider spirituality important and we are devoted to God we are to “turn the other cheek” or remain silent and simply watch while negative and evil consumes us.

Well, my personal hero, Jesus, certainly took sides. He spoke up against those in political and religious influence who abused power over others. And, he would absolutely do the same thing right now, and in a courageous way! His courage should be enough motivation for us to get busy in service of positive political and social change.

To love God and be the positive change we want to see in the world it’s time we agree on what we are fighting for – God  – who is on the side of all that we consider Good. Respect, equality, honesty, patience, peace, thoughtful resolutions to our challenges, and punishment for those who abuse us, divide us, limit our rights, cheat to win, suppress our vote, or seek to rule us. ⠀⠀⠀

Let’s be the positive change we want to see by being active in service to positive political change.

  • We turn off hate, lies, miss-information, dis-information, blame, and divisive speech from anyone and everyone whose behavior does not align with what we consider good.
  • We seek fact and evidence rather than go down the rabbit-hole of infotainment, click-bait, fact-less opinion.
  • We stop blaming others or making anyone the enemy.
  • We open our eyes to the truth that there are groups of corrupt people who are working to take over our government and  governments around the world.
  • We acknowledge abuses of power with clarity, honesty, and open hearts by listening to those whose words and actions are based in integrity, evidence, and fact.
  • We call out and punish those who are evil.
  • And, we CARE by getting active in service of positive political change.
  • Register new voters.
  • Speak out against the abuses of voting rights in your state or country.
  • Question people who simply say “trust me,” or “believe me,” and who desire to suppress evidence.
  • Turn off anyone whose divisive messages are designed to manipulate negative emotions within us in an attempt to get us to side with them against others.
  • Don’t trust anyone who does not want you to know the truth of their actions and intentions.
  • Vigilantly monitor your children’s use of social media. Purveyors of hate and disinformation actively recruit young people through both subtle and overt racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic messages.
  • Consider the positive that is gained through differing with other people. Just because we disagree with someone does not make them wrong or us right. Often, truth is what we find when we stop to consider another point of view.
  • Challenge the perception that those who live a spiritual life are submissive and must turn the other cheek regardless of how they are treated. While patience and forgiveness are behaviors of living aligned with soul, so is standing up for what is right.
  • Make thoughtful and informed decisions about whom to support for positions of authority. Ensure their consistent behavior is aligned with the core values of Jesus-like integrity, with what we consider to be GOOD.

American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” You and I are the thoughtful and committed citizens who can change the world. Because seriously, what is in it for all of us who love God and who seek truth and justice, is saving the world and our democracies.

Which is exactly what God would encourage all of us to do.