Setting Boundaries Brings Higher Awareness

Until a few years ago I had no clue what a troll is.  But in the past month or so about two dozen people have been banned from my Facebook page. Most likely their comments were not seen as the security filters are high or I quickly caught their comments.

I am blessed that the majority of people choose to gather on the Romancing Your Soul Facebook page to share positivity, support, and messages of inspiration to grow ourselves into better, more responsible, peaceful, and loving people.  With that goal in my heart I am happy to engage in discussions that are respectful and beneficial. Also it is certainly okay if someone questions or disagrees with something that is posted. But, I do not engage with people who sarcastically attack me or others through cowardly cyber bullying.

Being a group of people who are working to live more from heart than ego does not mean we are weak or push-overs. We do not need to be intimidated by those who behave unconsciously motivated by a negative, misinformed, or egocentric belligerence.  I encourage us to remain compassionate in the truth, “If they knew better they would do better.” Which means because we know better we do better to remain respectful.  We remain peaceful and calm. We accept the wisdom that there is no merit in ego-boxing with people. 

While some may feel that these people are the very ones best served by remaining a part of the page, each of us must be receptive to looking within to grow and learn. It is my experience some people are stuck in blame, one-mindedness, and resentment to the point they are only open to see their angry, condemning, and often distorted view of others and the world.

To bring a higher, wiser level of awareness to our lives we refuse to tolerate abuse because abuse is never LOVE. Therefore, part of our responsibility is to set boundaries with people who attack, insult, or bully others. We block them from Facebook, ban them from hanging around our children, removed ourselves from abusive family and friends, and whatever other actions are necessary to clearly define acceptable behavior in how we are treat one another s we want to be treated.