RYS 133: Your Love is Strong, But …

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If  I had a magic wand I’d touch it to the hearts of those who hurt others and yet claim to love. If I had a magic wand I’d touch it to the hearts of those who allow themselves to be hurt by others and yet claim they are loved. One of the biggest misconceptions we have about relationships is that we have the power to change another person.  If we’re just more understanding, patient, loving, open, scream louder, say it in a different way, etc., then he or she will wake up and get it.  If it were that easy I would wave my magic wand and the world would transform overnight.

  • Consistent behavior, not words is proof of who someone is.
  • Relationships become unfulfilled when we hold onto a fantasy of what we want someone to be rather than accepting the truth of who their behavior is telling us they are.
  • The only love strong enough to end negative, abusive behavior, is self-love, for until we love ourselves we will not be motivated to take the actions necessary to change.


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