Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is PowerI used to hate school. What a drag sitting in class all day listening to stuff I could not imagine myself ever using. What a dumb ass I was and so many of us are when we’re young thinking we actually know something or don’t need to learn something.  We don’t know squat until we learn stuff.  No school is not for everyone.  But education is for everyone.

Ignorant is not something any of us should choose to be because if we stay ignorant, our kids will be ignorant. If we stay ignorant to all life’s wonders, we’ll think the trash they show on televisions is how happy and fulfilling relationships work.

Knowledge is power and there has never been a time in human history when the world’s knowledge has been available to almost everyone.  Only dumb asses don’t take advantage of learning as much as we can about whatever we are interested in and need to know – like children need guidance and boundaries.  There is no way we can teach children anything unless we have the knowledge within us to teach them.

Yes the school of hard knocks and university of life are great teachers as long as we learn the lessons.  If we’re going through another crappy divorce for the 3rd time or being expelled again for fighting, or we’re dating Mr. Wrong for the 4th time we’re not learning are we.

Life is one big classroom just as Oprah says.  Sure a formal education gives us a good foundation to think critically, to investigate to find truth, to meet deadlines, how to smell opinionated bull, and how to work well with other people.  Lots of good things come from staying in school – like a chance at a decent paying job that does not involved flipping meat patties over a hot grill.  Nothing wrong with flipping burgers but there is so much more to life when we open ourselves to the possibility filling ourselves with as much knowledge as possible brings.

No school it’s not for everyone but anyone who truly wants to be powerful and have the best relationships and most well-adjusted children, needs to keep learning and growing and becoming better. Knowledge is true power because with knowledge comes endless opportunity.  Without continuing to learn and grow we hit the wall. But with knowledge we learn how to climb over any wall, any obstacle life brings.

Stay in school. Get a diploma, go to college if you can. BUT regardless never stop learning. Life is a school and the goal is to learn as much as possible about yourself, other people and the world. Knowledge is power but it is also the way to true happiness and fulfillment with life.