Focus on the Positive

baseballMy parents are big Texas Ranger baseball fans. During a recent visit we were watching a game when two young men ran onto the field.  The commentators took us through the action of security personnel tackling them and taking them directly to jail.

Watching this reminded me of long ago when someone ran onto the field and the television cameras would show the details.  I am grateful television stopped doing that. I guess someone finally figured out the higher wisdom of not giving attention to those who intentionally disrupt and inconvenience so many for their completely self-centered and irresponsible motives.

Won’t it be wonderful when news organizations around the world stop giving the majority of attention to the perpetrators of crime and instead focus their coverage on the victims and how we can learn something from the situation? I believe this action alone will create positive change within our global society.

To help facilitate this change let’s you and I take the lead by refusing to support any person or media organization that hawks speculation and features those who behave negatively. Let’s support those organizations  focusing the majority of attention on how we can best use the challenges we face to change ourselves and society for the better.