Billions of Paths to God

Namaste FBWe are spiritual beings on great human adventures. We are to love one another, encourage and support each other on the journey of connecting with and living guided by the higher, kinder and wiser part of ourselves. We get bogged down in egocentric minutiae by telling one another we can only achieve a soul-connection to our spiritual nature if they believe what we do or if they have the same image of God we do. These type limiting edicts are not faith based and completely miss the point of a soul focused journey. We cannot create a pure connection to the loving Divine as long as we are unwilling to open ourselves to the expansiveness of God which cannot be boxed into any form. A true connection with soul requires letting go of anything, any belief, any attitude that causes us to judge one another or treat one another with anything but Divine unconditional and accepting love.

We can evaluate one another based on behavior. Is someone’s consistent actions loving, patient, respectful, supportive, accepting, peaceful, non-judgmental, open-minded, etc. We can evaluate (non-biased) someone’s kind and compassionate character or their disrespectful, controlling and condemnatory actions, and still love them. But we cannot tell another person who is living a responsible, caring and productive life they are doing it wrong. Being a person of honorable character is the goal of all spiritual paths.

There are 7 billion plus souls on this planet each created by a Divine source. Whatever way a soul finds that actually results in consistently kind, compassionate, peaceful, responsible, open and honest behavior as a spiritual being who lives guided by love that is the right path for that soul. The goal is to find the right path for us to the Divine rather than judging others because they are not on the same path. Love encourages and supports. Love is the motivation behind a true spiritual path.