Love is Kind

qq (2)Has anyone ever asked you a question like does my butt look big in these pants? I have been asked awkward questions countless times. It never felt good to be put on the spot.   It’s not kind to put people in an awkward position.

If we have to ask someone if our butt looks big in the jeans we’re wearing we already know the answer about our own butt. And, leaving people in an awkward position feels just as bad as being put in one.

So when you notice someone has spinach in their teeth be kind and say something. Guys help each other out with the zipper thing and ladies be kind and point out toilet paper stuck on the shoe or the shirt that got caught in the panty hose. Help out and don’t leave people in an awkward position. And don’t put them in an awkward position in the first place asking your man or woman about how your butt looks and other sensitive topics because love is always kind.