Yes You Can, When You Think You Can

Victor-over-challengesOften I receive emails from people who say, “Regina I just can’t” …do whatever it is they want to do to rid themselves of suffering.  Honestly who says we cannot?  A fearful mind that has a mind of its own. That’s who.  We tell ourselves we can’t and we believe it.

Not once did accepting an excuse (it’s easier said than done, or I just can’t get it together, or I’m trying, or what does it matter anyway, or I can’t …etc.) help me lose weight, stop gossiping, stop smoking, stop cutting myself and others down, stop allowing myself to be mistreated, etc. Excuses did nothing to help me create a happy, responsible, stress-free life. The excuses I made were attempts to justify why I was choosing not to make the changes I knew I needed to. Excuses gave my mind permission to beat me up. Excuses robbed me of my power.

I took my power back to create the life I have when I stopped accepting my own excuses. No, it’s not always easy to follow through and take the necessary action. But it is the only way for me to get from point A, the goal I want to accomplish, to point B, accomplishing the goal.

YES YOU CAN! Step one – stop accepting your own excuses.  Love yourself more than that and make yourself take the actions necessary to reach the goals you set for yourself. There is no one coming to your rescue. YOU must be your own hero!