You Can Only Control Yourself

Today a man I do not know apparently slandered me to a neighbor.  The man supposedly told my neighbor that I said bad things about her to him.  She was upset but she also knows me well enough to not automatically believe what the man claimed I said. So she wrote an email to confront me about it.  I calmly replied that she was right in that I did not say anything about her and that the man either made it up or he had me confused with someone else. 

I did not let her email or his words upset me for even one moment. Why, because I was completely innocent.  I have only spoken to the man once and our exchange was not only witnessed by another person but was completely friendly. 

We cannot control what other people say, think or even make up about us. The only control we have is to be our best self and if someone does slander us we have faith that the people who really know us will stand up for us against those who do not.