Forgiveness is Freedom

Someone I thought was a friend betrayed me. My ego tells me “How in the world could they do that to me. They should have known better.” My heart tells me, “If they truly were connected to their emotions to feel what it is like to be on the receiving end of their behavior they would have not done what they did.”

If I choose to listen to my ego I will suffer under the idea they should have done better, that there is no excuse for their behavior.  My ego will hold onto the idea they can go back and make what they did wrong, right. My ego will keep me angry, blaming, judgmental and distant. If I choose to listen to my ego I will throw them out of my life for making a mistake.

If I choose to listen to my heart then I will release the stress that comes from holding onto resentment and anger. My heart knows they cannot go back and make it right. My heart is willing to accept their apology and give them another chance. My heart will carefully watch their behavior. If I choose to listen to my heart I will move on without dragging the pain and disappointment along with me.

Even though my ego tells me that they do not deserve to be forgiven it is my wise heart that reminds me no one is perfect. I want peace and to not feel bad so, I choose to listen to my heart.