Be a Person of Impeccable Character

Today someone wrote asking if I truly walk my talk. It is a valid question and one I appreciate being asked.

To me authentically walking our talk is the greatest accomplishment we can achieve. I cannot imagine a greater goal than being a person of impeccable character.  I have felt this way all of my life because I have been abused or know of people who have been taken advantage of and even sexually violated by people who are considered  teachers, mentors, guides, leaders, etc. Some of the guilty are famous. Sometimes they fall from grace and other times they continue to lead a double life.

Deceiving someone who has faith that you are a good person will never make sense to the higher wisdom of my heart. In fact, I find it self-centered and heart-breaking. To me someone in a position of influence who spreads messages of positivity and wisdom and then abuses others is not worthy of the position with which they have been entrusted. I decided long ago there is no price for which I will betray myself or others.

Regardless what success we achieve as measured by the outside world, remaining in solid alignment with the values of our heart is the loftiest goal. Being respected as people who do walk their talk is worth more than all the money and fame in the world. To me that is true success.