Refuse to Live in Fear

As we see headlines and newscasts about heightened alerts for terrorism worldwide join me in refusing to live in fear. Let’s refuse to be intimidated by the unconscious who want us to be afraid of them.  I am not afraid and I refuse to be bullied by anyone. I refused to be sucked into fear-based media hysteria. I refuse to side with those who continue to believe fighting fire with fire is the way to put out the flames.

Every messenger of peace tells us we must choose a higher way of being than that of the ignorant, disillusioned, and unconscious. With all my heart I believe millions of us throughout the world are beginning to wake up and appreciate that conflict and violence is not the answer.  We are beginning to appreciate that it is impossible for hate to survive heart-light. Let’s lead with our heart and shine brightly in the truth that we are the strong ones by refusing to live in fear. You and I choose to be the peace we want to see. By doing so we will change the world.