Healing is a Journey

Healing is not a “reach one goal” then quit process.  There are layers to taking our power back. 

On my journey of overcoming abuse, judgment and mistreatment I quit biting my finger nails. I quit smoking. I kicked the habit of gossiping, being sarcastic and tearing other people down. I overcame co-dependency. I stopped using foul language. I reclaimed my body. I became financially accountable. I became responsible for my every thought, word and action. I taught myself to stay patiently present in the now. I put ego aside to lead with my heart. I learned to love and respect myself. I learned to set healthy boundaries and forgive.  These are a few of the goals I reached and I am far from finished. 

Part of the fun of this journey, at least for me, is seeing how much more I can discover about myself that needs work.  I believe I am alive to continue to become better, not for anyone other than myself.  That means I do not ever think I’ve achieved enough. It means I continue to intentionally look for and peel away another layer of “not my best” so I get closer to the goal of being whole.