What You Give Out Comes Back to You

I enjoy helping others. I receive immense joy from being of service.  And while I do not think about what I am going to get in return, one of the most satisfying and powerful lessons I’ve learned is that the behavior I put out (positive and negative) does come back to me. Having had enough of the negative I now get up each day determined to put out as much good behavior as possible because every act of caring and kindness it is like putting a karmic “I owe you,” into a positive-energy piggy bank. 

It never fails that when we need a boost or helping hand the loving Divine essence removes one, or two, or three of the karmic “I owe you’s,” and a needed door opens, or a friend offers support, or an unexpected but much needed check arrives. While we get the most satisfaction from remaining focused on helping simply for the joy we receive, there is a great sense of peace, security, and awe when the universe affirms the law of attraction and shakes loose a karmic coin from our positive-energy piggy bank of love.