Dream Big Then Have Faith

Yesterday my partner and I went to Barnes and Nobel’s bookstore at the Grove here in Los Angeles.  We stood in front of the Self-help section for a long time looking at the different books. We watched people pick through the selves. For a brief moment my heart sank as I tried to wrap my mind around, ‘How people will find my little book among the 100s of others? Why in the world would Barnes and Nobel want to put my picture on a big banner announcing an upcoming book signing?’ A split second after I felt those twinges of fear and doubt I felt peaceful and calm. I remembered the truth that I am not in control. 

You see the only part of this process I was ever in control of was writing. For almost two years I sat down each day and put my heart on paper. But it was not me that got the big named endorsements.  Yes I wrote to them asking for their support but it was the power I call God that touched the heart of those ‘famous’ people. I did not know how to get a publisher. I just knew I wanted to go the traditional publishing route. So God led me to the right publisher. 

It is so easy to look back and see all the doors that are opening to help create the huge dream I have. I feel at peace when I remember that the only power I have is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My job is to do the work and continue to have faith in that immense power who works on my behalf. There was never any reason for fear because no matter how many books are on the self my little book will be found by those who are meant to find it. 

You are not alone in the dreams you have for yourself.  Your job is to dream BIG, do the hard work, and don’t give up. Then the magnificent, creative and loving power will align with your heart and open every door that you need opened. It will also close those that need closing. Your job is to have faith in the process. You don’t have to know how your dream will come true. You just have to believe with all your heart that it will.